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Derik’s KSO Treks at the office and Five Fingers Flows at the health club

Here’s what Derik must say about his newly acquired Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks and Flows:My first couple of VFF’s! I received them in the mail about 30 days ago and was anxious hitting the gym and treadmill with them. I searched everywhere within Omaha, Nebraska to find a place which had my style and size in stock.wholesale nike shoes. I even called many stores in Texas so my parents could begin using them and convey these to me once they showed up to see. Luckily I came across these in Lincoln, Nebraska coupled with them sent approximately Omaha. We have enjoyed everything about the subject and will not get back to normal shoes during any one of my training sessions. There will be something wonderful about training in my VFF’s! I enjoyed them a great deal which i were required to try to find another pair i can use inside my everyday normal activities … including during work at any office. I added the KSO Trek to my collection last weekend and possess worn them everyday to operate. This pic was taken on a casual dress day however have worn them my slacks and revel in obtaining the weird looks and questions that follow. We have worn these barefoot but lately been using injinji socks since its negative degrees outside here. A further traction of the trek helps plenty when going to the store or checking my mail. The flows didnt do much for walking on ice and that i almost lost it several times.Thanks for the user review, Derik! That extra traction from your KSO Treks definitely helps on icy sidewalks and streets. Just earlier this weekend I had the opportunity to test my Flows on snow and frozen icy sidewalks; they handled fine though my toes got pretty cold!Anyway, glad you’re enjoying your FiveFingers a great deal, Derik! Once it gets warm a little, you may need to grab a set of standard KSOs or Classics! Seems you cannot have too many pairs of Vibrams.About the Author —cheap lv shoes. I founded in April 2009 on realizing simply how much I enjoyed having “free feet” – I mostly wanted to use them commercially weights, sprints, and plyometrics (I am not a runner!). I’m a Googler during the day and minimalist footwear aficionado by night; you can find me ’round Atlanta. If you want to catch up with what I’m doing outside the site here, follow me on twitter @bdayshoes or @justinno or have a look at my own site Justin Owings+ has written 722 articles and 273 comments.Tags: fitness, flow, kso trek, work

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