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Attention! Should you haven’t sent in your “Free Feet for the Fourth Photos” yet, please do so (send them an email to pics at birthdayshoes dot com)! I’m likely to keep accepting them throughout today using a full post on Monday!Which week’s latest reviews of Vibram Five Fingers:Vibram Five Fingers Sprint Review at Nic Myers:I’ve flat feet and I have been recognized to drag my feet and need replacing the rear of my shoes. I additionally experience my posture and my back being sore. While they’re not a miracle solution for the problems, since i have are already wearing the shoes my posture and back have noticeably improved. I additionally don’t have the problem of dragging my feet anymore. The fact you are becoming stronger while wearing them is a huge perk for me. I’ve never felt like my feet will be in better condition. Vibram Five Fingers shoes at am unable to recommend VFFs highly enough. They’re a bit more expensive than normal shoes, or sometimes directly on par with shoes, based on what brands you purchase … And the fact that it took the anguish within my ankle away and helped my lower back pain is priceless. These shoes are one of the best investments I’ve produced in my entire life. Gear Review: Vibram’s FiveFingers KSO (Keep Stuff Out) at the first three weeks of having these shoes, they’ve been worn within the snow of Yellowstone, the desert in Arches, inside the pool in Georgia, within a soccer game I was playing/coaching in, in the food store, the beach in Florida, and along creek beds within the Georgia Mountains. Except for the supermarket as well as in the snow, these shoes haven’t only been comfortable, they have been exceptionally functional in all of those situations. Vibram Five Fingers-Barefoot at junglegirl:And when you just can’t go barefoot, try these sneakers: Vibram’s Five Fingers. They usually do not assist grounding however they will re-align your posture and proper the alignment of the toes just as walking barefoot all day will. ( Start to see the many YouTube videos and Google for blogs that explain further the countless benefits and the body mechanics of wearing Five Fingers.) Reebok Taikan IB vs Vibram Five Fingers at Clinton Lake Ultra: These are perfect companions for POSE or ChiRunning. I encourage you to try these shoes. Why not give your toes some freedom about this Independence Day? Remember fondly the sizing is odd…I wear a size 13 shoe and wound up with size 46 within the Vibrams. They have a chart on the how does someone direct you with the sizing process. I give this shoe a 5-star rating! Natural Walking along with a Vibram Five Fingers Experiment at Hozaku — showing that VFFs aren’t for everyone: I got the 5 Fingers out of the trunk to give it another go. This time I gave it a complete 3 weeks. I started out at a mile and experienced the same hot-spot and blister problem as before. I gritted my teeth. Should they worked for Tim they’d work with me. 72 hours per week, slowly tying to extend back up to my normal 2 miles. The effect? I’m back in my wrestling shoes. My feet did get tougher, but despite thick ridges of callous accumulating within the areas indicated on the image above, the Five Fingers were just too uncomfortable. A couple of times I found myself far enough out and, unwilling to endure the 5 Fingers any longer, pulling them off and finishing my run barefoot.Remember, if I missed any, make sure you let me know so I can add these phones this list!About the Author — I founded in April 2009 on realizing simply how much I enjoyed having “free feet” – I mostly desired to use them for weights, sprints, and plyometrics (I’m not really much of a runner!). I’m a Googler by day and minimalist footwear aficionado by night; you will find me ’round Atlanta. If you need to catch up with what I’m doing not in the site here, follow me on twitter @bdayshoes or @justinno or check out my personal site Justin Owings+ has written 722 articles and 273 comments.Tweet

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